Disclaimer: This is not a religious blog nor a theological one . . .

The name of the blog “Postlapsarian” elicits a reaction from certain people who think that I’m some sort of theological zealot or a religious scholar. I’m neither. I think religion should be like masturbation, practiced (or not) privately without government interference and not to be practiced in a large group. I realize it’s a totally bad analogy, but I’m an idiot, so that’s okay.

Wikipedia has a very interesting discussion on postlapsarian that devolves into the distinction between supralapsarian and infralapsarian. I have NO idea what they are talking about.

I chose postlapsarian as a favored term because of Milton’s Paradise Lost and the idea that our existence is really all about after The Fall of Man. I wrote an entire post on it, but I think it bears repeating that this post was not meant as an exposition on the sinfulness of man or anything religious.

I just think it’s just a really far fetched way of saying we’re human and fallible. And that’s really where the drama/tragedy/hope/joys of our existence all arise from our existence as imperfect creatures. And all the domain names of imperfectcreature.com, werehuman.com, human.com, imhuman,.com noonesperfect.com, fallible.com, ishotthedogbutforgiveme.com, ialsohadsexwiththedogbeforeishothim.com, icheatedwithyourbestfriend.com, and thejuryconvictedmeofbabyrapebutitwasconsensual.com, were all taken, so I chose postlapsarian.com.

However, I will have a discussion on predestination and Calvinism but only in private.

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