The Dark Knight + Noblesse oblige

I'm clearly behind in my blog.  Whatever.  I suck. And I'm clearly behind in writing about Chris Nolan's Dark Knight. The normal litany of excuses:  work, rewatching Season 1 of Mad Men, work, and more work. Please read Recycled Film's musings and analysis of the "The Dark Knight" -- very good stuff.  (You have to... Continue Reading →

Accents in Movies or Why Jude Law Sucks Ass

The whole idea of acting is to be a part of the great conspiracy to suspend the disbelief of the viewer. So, when one can't act, it chips away at whatever illusion is being created. Sometimes even destroys it. Picture me, watching the movie, Cold Mountain, starring Nicole Kidman, Rene Zellwegger, Jude Law, and directed... Continue Reading →

Iron Man, of course . . .

I just saw Iron Man this past weekend. The movie was pretty good. I'm not alone. Not that I need my opinion to be buttressed by others. I've been very much alone in my cinematic preferences -- Karate Kid Part II was my favorite movie of ALL TIME until Good Will Hunting came along. Now... Continue Reading →

Cormac McCarthy = Edith Wharton

I just saw No Country for Old Men.  I've been avoiding watching the movie because I liked the book so much.  The movie was faithful to the book.  Fan-tastic. I am a big fan of Cormac.  And that's where the title heading come's from. The prose style of McCarthy is really sparse, evocative, and elliptical. ... Continue Reading →

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