You don’t know me.

I used to be an English Lit Major in college and that part of my past has never left me.

Realizing that a career in the above required something called “tenure” or in the altnerative “awesome writing ability” — I decided to practice a trade.  I practice as an attorney in the field of immigration.  It conforms well with my desire to meet people from all over the world and the perfect excuse to travel.   Prior to that I was in the field of criminal defense working as a public defender doing trials ranging from simple possession of controlled narcotics to first degree murder.  It was the best and most intense job I’ve ever had.  I still believe that the government will continue to trample all over our Constitutional rights through fear mongering, but for the checks and balances in our system.  God Bless America, man.

I reside in the Los Angeles area, California. And by the Los Angeles area, I mean I live 5 minutes away from the city limits of Los Angeles City proper, not Orange County and definitely not San Bernardino County . . .

Drop me a line if you want to talk about traveling — in particular, I would like to hear from expats living in Australia or in Italy.

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  1. Dear Postlapsarian,
    I happened upon your blog while searching for an ancient magazine article about one-word domain names. I laughed over your list of domain names that were already taken by the time you chose postlapsarian. And then I REALLY laughed when I saw my own domain name in your list. I am—and have been since 2000—actively blogging at http://www.fallible.com. At the time I registered this name, it was one of only a few one-word names left, and I happened to think it was PERFECT, in a very fallible kind of way, of course. It has indeed served me well these many years…..
    Nice to find you here, postlapsarian!
    Katy McKenna

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