Coffee Bean Wifi = LAME (RippleTV shows its rookie stripes)

I love my Coffee Bean. And one of the many things I loved about Coffee Bean was that it had nice super reliable and super fast wifi — which I can use because I have AT&T DSL at home and work (of which I’m not a big fan — wifi great, dsl not so great).

But I am writing this blog at Starbucks. Yeah, can you believe it?

Coffee Bean, probably being roped in by whatever slick-in-law-ex-dot-commer dumbass from RippleTV (the people who run the TV ads at Coffee Bean), decides to switch to them as their Wifi provider. I think RippleTV in turn, contract out with another company called Sputnik to do their work.

The whole idea is that the new improved WiFi is supposed to be FREE. You get the access code for your free Wifi by looking at the RippleTV — thereby actually looking at the RippleTV flatscreen rather than ignoring it like you would normally.

So get this — Coffee Bean doesn’t allow former AT&T Wireless users to login, but they won’t let people use their “free” Wifi for another week. BLEH.

It’s minor, it’s not a big deal, but it is annoying — considering that Starbucks performed their transfer from T-mobile Hot Spot to AT&T WiFi pretty seamlessly. And AT&T usually screws everything up (yeah, they’re the number #1 reason why I will NEVER EVER get an iPhone).

So it just goes to show you that things change all the time. I’m praising Starbucks, sitting here at the Starbucks and actually talking trash about my beloved Coffee Bean . . .

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