Iron Man, of course . . .

I just saw Iron Man this past weekend.

Iron Man

The movie was pretty good. I’m not alone. Not that I need my opinion to be buttressed by others. I’ve been very much alone in my cinematic preferences — Karate Kid Part II was my favorite movie of ALL TIME until Good Will Hunting came along. Now KK Part Deux has been relegated to my SECOND FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME. I have no shame and I’m not recanting that assertion.

Now that I’ve confessed my love for Ralph Macchio and Tamlyn Tomita speaking broken English, my movie tastes are instantly suspect. You’re right. You should always go see a movie yourself to make your own decision. I’ve always been wary of super hero/comic book movies (except for The Superman movies and I’m only really including Superman I+II and Superman Returns).

Back to Iron Man. This was one was best of the lot thus far (except, again for the Superman movies, which I admit I have an irrational weakspot for). Yeah, even better than Batman Begins. Bite me fanboys.

I’ve never read an Iron Man comic nor did I anticipate the movie with any great anxiety or fanfare. I had heard from others who saw that it was good. So on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon, Michelle and I went to go watch it. Michelle thought the movie was excellent (and she does not share my taste in movies).

The box office returns for Iron Man indicates that it broke some record or the other for the first weekend. There’s a myriad of reasons why Iron Man did well, but for me it was Robert Downey’s performance in the first part of the movie.

Tony Stark, Downey’s character, undergoes a transformative moment and only because Downey himself sold it with his performance did it have complete credibility for me. Most times movies just gloss over the details and try to convince you that the protagonist has changed with constant flashbacks or loud music. But not here. He played it straight and with conviction. But more importantly, he didn’t overpower that moment by brooding for the rest of the movie — he constantly flashed his pre-transformative moment personality but forged ahead with his newfound mission with intensity.

The idea that his internal transformation propelled the exterior transformation with his super body gold-titanium alloy powered exoskeleton is truly a compelling one.

I’m not saying that it’s the ONLY reason why the movie good, but it was a crucial linchpin for me as I suspended my disbelief and enjoyed the movie. It’s always sooo much better when you are invested in the main character.  And too often in the past, comic book heroes substituted the costume change in the telephone booth/bat cave for real acting, but hopefully this heralds a change where they start to actually put grade A actors and actresses into these roles (sorry Ben Affleck).

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  1. I’ve organized a boycott of the movie since they cut out Ghostface Killah’s cameo from it. He was supposed to play a sheikh. My boycott has been largely unsuccessful, since everyone was playing GTA 4 instead of reading my website declaring the boycott.

  2. I heard rumors that Ghostface Killah was going to be the new War Machine. Yeah, Terrence Howard got jacked dude.

    Samule Jackson, what’s going on? He’s career is headed toward the toilet, where Jude Law is waiting for him . . .

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