The Millionaire Matchmaker and her tricks . . .

Millionaire Matchmaker

So, I just found out that I work in the same building as the Millionaire Matchmaker.

For those of you that don’t know, The Millionaire Matchmaker is a reality tv show on Bravo. The show sets up millionaires with those who are looking for millionaires. Simple, right?

Of course, the show is somewhat guilty of trafficking in stereotypes — the socially retarded millionaire and the overtly silicone suggestive gold digger. But the ONE episode (yeah, the snob in me dreads having to admit that I’ve watched any reality tv shows) that I’ve viewed surprised me (good looking nice rich guy with a not-vapid, down to earth attractive, intelligent woman).

And I found out because I walked by the office (which says “Millionaire’s Club”) and saw the door open with the Matchmaker herself, her assistant, and a camera. I got a good look at everyone inside the office and did a mini-gawk without breaking stride. Yes, I am an LA native, I know hows to do it.

So, after I found out that I share the same office complex as the Millionaire Matchmaker, I rush home to watch the show with my wife (yeah, see, I had to put that in because I’m too insecure to let you think I would watch such trash by myself).

Some points:

  • The show “hints” that the Millionaire Matchmaker is based in Beverly Hills, with shots of Wilshire Blvd., Rodeo, signage with Beverly Hills, etcetera. This is untrue. Her office is in Marina Del Rey. Of course, the show never explicity says that she is in Beverly Hills, but I thought it was way too suggestive. Maybe she has a satellite office somewhere, but the interiors of the office in the show match the one in Marina Del Rey. (Of course, at the end of the show, they have an aerial shot of the marina at Marina Del Rey, but we are nowhere near the waterfront).
  • The building that they show is NOT our building. Our building is an ugly industrial type building — the kind with high ceilings and full of architects and cool designers (and people like me who tag along). They use a buidling double for the show. The building is kinda concrete-designery-architect-friendly, but it’s a much more telegenic building than our own.
  • I see why more and more cable networks are going to the reality tv format — they only had one camera rolling when I walked by, which must be tons cheaper than a normal three camera sitcom format. It looked like a stripped down student film (high school) set — there were like four people total in that office. The Matchmaker herself, one assistant, the cameraman, and some lady who could’ve been an assistant or a producer. You’ve got an instant show.

That’s really all I can say from watching one episode and one mini-gawk inside the office when I walked by, but it makes me wonder how much the other parts of the show has been edited or changed. Bleh.

And a friend, who shall go unnamed, actually checked the requirements to join this Millionaire’s Club and found out that you need a million in SALARY, not in assets. I’m sure that was done to avoid poseurs who have a million dollar shack stashed somewhere in some overpriced part of Los Angeles.

The points I make are really minor, but I thought I would make it because it’s the first time I’ve had a chance to compare reality with the show. As for the show itself, it’s an okay show — a good way to find out what you would have to do to marry rich or figure out your contingency plan for marriage if you’re working way too hard. And for the rest of us, another reason to feel smug about why we’re not single . . .

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