The Coffee Bean

I’m at Coffee Bean.

Before I go on about howgreat Coffee Bean is, I should provide some context.

I went to college in the Bay Area, where everyone is pretty serious/pretentious about their coffee. I used to drink two cups of espresso during the weekday. It was a bad habit. I had to stop when I realized that I could go to sleep half an hour after that second cup. Yeah, crazy. Independent coffee shops were where it was at. And there I was. Reading my Norton Edition of Paradise Lost, looking as pretentious and pedantic as anyone else in this cafe. So I had some serious coffee chops many years ago.

What changed?

I moved to LA. And I fell in love with the epicene powdered sugary drinks.

And Coffee Bean has the best — the Ultimate Mocha. Sweet, but balanced by the bitter aftertaste of espresso beans ground throughout. Deeee-licious.

I’m now going to go watch Oprah.

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