Domain names

Another reason why I got all obsessed with the term postlapsarian, is that it’s a calling card for us nerds who spent four years studying obtuse texts and patting ourselves on the back for reading such texts.

When the boom hit in the late 90s, I thought I would get the domain name — — cool, huh? That way, I could use it when I start up a motion picture studio, a medicinal marijuana clinic, a porn production company, what have you.

But some idiot in Vermont was squatting on the name. He wasn’t doing anything with it. He too must have been an English major with no job, no prospects, no women, no money, and no life. In short, someone I neded to talk to. But all of my e-mails to him went unanswered. Bastard.

So I waited.

Many years later, FINALLY, the domain was free.

I jumped on it. I must have beaten out a few other nerdy desperadoes like myself.

I still get emails from people asking about this domain. I answer all of them. But the answer is the same, I’m keeping this domain for life. And I’m going to pass it down to some equally nerdy literary grandkid. That’s right.

Postlapsarian for life.

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