Tywin Lannister Goes to Barcelona

I love me some HBO.  It's like a restaurant or a bar where you know they only have the good stuff. Their body of work to date has been impressive : Sopranos, True Detective, Band of Brothers, and of course, The Wire (the best thing I've ever watched on TV, with Breaking Bad coming a... Continue Reading →

My First Trip to China

I had the privilege of actually traveling to China a few weeks ago -- it was for business.  My first time.  For a guy who "loves" to travel, I thought it was odd that I've never been to China.  My time in China was brief and I really got to see two cities; Beijing and... Continue Reading →


Shantaram = Good book. A real page turner without it actually devolving into super piss-poor bestseller prose. It's not the literary book of the year or anything, but it was a damn good read. (Don't get offended if you like the book -- the author writes well enough, but he's not up there with Chabon,... Continue Reading →

The Dark Knight + Noblesse oblige

I'm clearly behind in my blog.  Whatever.  I suck. And I'm clearly behind in writing about Chris Nolan's Dark Knight. The normal litany of excuses:  work, rewatching Season 1 of Mad Men, work, and more work. Please read Recycled Film's musings and analysis of the "The Dark Knight" -- very good stuff.  (You have to... Continue Reading →

WiFi is OK @ Coffee Bean

In all fairness to the Coffee Bean, I should note that their wi-fi is up and running. And it logs on MUCH faster than the AT&T Wireless that is now available at Starbucks. There are rumors that it kicks you off after two hours of use -- although I haven't reached that limit yet. I'll... Continue Reading →

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